Theatre for Life works with aspiring and emerging young theatre-makers to create life-changing theatre projects to support our immediate community and beyond.  Using theatre for change we want to nurture and support creativity amongst marginalised groups both within our company and the audiences we reach.  Our work focuses on positive growth mindsets and mindfulness, instilling self-confidence and developing lifelong skills.

Therapeutic and restorative practices using the arts to support Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Roots and Branches

Roots and Branches celebrate real-life stories across 70 years which have been shared by our dementia groups and retold through devised theatre by our youth theatre company. Recorded audio and verbatim theatre captured during interviews with our groups have been delicately weaved into the production to also raise awareness around living with dementia.
23rd June 7.45 pm  MAST Mayflower Studios   
26th August 7.30 pm  Ashcroft Arts Centre 
BSL Interpreter
27th August 2 pm  Ashcroft Arts Centre 
27th August 7.30 pm  Ashcroft Arts Centre