Let’s talk local!

Let’s talk Local!

I don’t know about you but I’m torn between wanting to listen to the national news and wanting to avoid it completely. Indeed, for the sake of our mental health we’re advised to limit social media and the amount of news we digest…

A couple of things happened last week that got me thinking.

First, Ali Bag, Project Manager of local community radio station Awaaz FM invited me to chat with him on their community hour.

I first met Ali in Flourish at the Marlands creating a tiktok, which was the first time I’d ever heard of it…but that’s another story…

It was a real pleasure to talk about the Southampton response, with someone in Southampton, knowing that it would be heard by people across Southampton.

Ali mentioned in passing that they are starting a gentle exercise session on Awaaz too!

And he helped get the word out about our SO:Linked service by having a piece about it translated into several languages…you wouldn’t get a national media agency doing that! [you can listen to them at the bottom of this page]

As I write this, there’s someone on Awaaz chatting about local history in Southampton. And now they’re playing Blinding Lights by the Weeknd which has me jigging in my chair. I think TikTok can cope without me posting a video if that though…

[Links for listening to Awaaz radio are at the bottom of this page]. And if tuning in a radio is a bit old school for you, there are plenty of other ways to tune in.

Then the other day I happened upon this new Southampton based podcast: The SOSO Show Southampton. They talk to APB Marathon about virtual running, and on another episode they chat about some of the trails that have been put up in Southampton parks.

Have you checked out Bitterne Park info lately? They’ve got local news and information including local businesses that are operating at the moment

Our SO:Linked directory has been a joy for the team at SO:Linked / SVS to put together…so many local organisations and communities doing amazing things! Literally whatever you need, whatever suits you, you can pretty much know it’s going to be on offer in Southampton.

Sometimes it’s good to not only hear about all the amazing things happening throughout Southampton during the pandemic, but also just to chat about random Southampton stuff.

Having very local organisations, talking about local issues, sharing local stories and bringing Southampton together is something special.

Am I a little obsessed with Southampton? Probably. More so now than ever.


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