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What is SO:Lotto?

SO:Lotto is a weekly online lottery. All funds raised go to good causes that benefit the local communities in Southampton.


How does it work for supporters?

SO:Lotto is a weekly online lottery. The draw takes place every Saturday night at 8pm.

  • Each ticket costs £1 per week and consists of six The more numbers you match in a draw the bigger the prize you win.
  • Players choose who their ticket purchase will support. They can either support the Southampton Voluntary Services (funds are distributed to the community by a committee) or they can choose a specific good cause to

There are a range of payment options. Players can pay:

  • Monthly via Direct Debit
  • Monthly via Debit Card (VISA, Mastercard )
  • One off payment via Debit Card of either:
    • One month (five weeks)
    • Three months
    • Six months
    • Twelve months

Players are notified by email when they win. To claim their winnings, they log in to the SO:Lotto site and choose to either have the winnings paid directly into their nominated account or donate their winnings back to the good cause.


How does the £1

(each ticket) get spent?

You can see how the pound is split in the figure to the right. As you can see 60% from every ticket sold goes directly to good causes!

What are the prizes?

Matching numbers: You must match the first or last 2-6 numbers in a row to win! The odds of winning any prize are 50:1.

How does it work for good causes?

Good causes that support the SO:Lotto can get their own page on the site. They will keep 60% of all tickets sold through their page.

Visit the site and click ‘Are you a good cause?’ to find out more information and apply online.

  • Applying is easy – it’s all done online and takes a few
  • Southampton Voluntary Services will check each cause qualifies and approve them. Once approved, the cause will have their own SO:Lotto page and start selling tickets within 1-2 working
  • All the good cause needs to do is market the lottery to their We will even provide the marketing materials.
  • Every month the good cause will get the funds they’ve raised paid directly into their nominated bank



What information will I need to sign up?

We’ll need some key pieces of information to get you registered as a good cause on the SO:Lotto. This will include your organisation’s name, key contact and role, address, telephone number and email. We’ll also need you to confirm your eligibility (see terms and conditions for details). In order to pay you your money we’ll need your bank details and we’ll also need you to provide a logo for your organisation to include on the specific marketing materials we’ll create for you. You can provide these at signup but they aren’t required to get you registered.


What kind of logo do I need?

We can accept logos in most file formats. Don’t worry if you don’t have one, we’ll set you up with a default logo to start with and you’ll be able to change it and any other details at any time.


What organisations can sign up?

Any good cause operating within Southampton can apply! (NB: Exclusions apply – see terms and conditions for details.)


What materials do you provide to help me promote my lottery?

We provide your good cause with its own tailored communication materials. These will be professionally prepared PDFs which can be attached to emails that are sent out to your community. Our materials can also be printed and posted around the local area. We

also provide you with your own dedicated webpages on the website for your supporters to sign up, check results and see how much money is being raised.


How do winners find out that they’ve won?

Every week, all winners will be advised by email. The winning number will also be published on our website, Facebook and Twitter each week following the draw.


How do we receive our share of ticket sales?

Your funds will be transferred directly into your bank account every month.


How do I know how well my fundraising is doing?

Every week we send you an update which provides you with all the details. It tells you how many supporters have chosen to direct their support to you, who they are, how many tickets are being sold each week, how much money has been raised, etc. There is also a dashboard on the site which will provide real-time statistics on your campaign!


Who deals with any questions my supporters have?

We do. We have a dedicated support number and email address that deal directly with any queries your supporters may have.


What administration do we need to do?

None! All you need to do is shout about your lottery.


If my good cause gets 50p per entry, where does the other 50p go? 10p is used to support other good causes within Southampton through the Southampton Voluntary Services. 20p goes to prizes and the remaining 20p is for administration of the lottery and VAT.

Can supporters use gift aid on the ticket price?

Unfortunately, you cannot claim gift aid on lottery ticket purchases. We will be adding the ability to claim gift aid on winning donations soon.

Are supporters’ details safe?

Absolutely! We take the utmost care of all user data. The site itself is secured on ALL pages (not just the payment ones). All user data is stored safely and not passed to any third parties.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. All you need to do is market your page to your community. The more you market, the more tickets you sell! Southampton Voluntary Services will help raise general awareness of the lottery, hold PR events and organise additional prizes – but it is up to you to make sure people joining choose your cause.



For more information

If you have any questions please get in touch. We are here to help.










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